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"Suspension of disbelief" is the Hollywood term used to describe an audience's willingness to accept the world of a movie as reality during the course of the show. In order for you to be fully immersed in the experience of a movie you need a location free from distractions, with a screen large enough to fill your field of view, and the audio system needs to replicate and enhance that reality.

A Bit About Our Approach

A home theater from Complete Home Electronics is designed to achieve these objectives by first designing a room where outside noise and light cannot interfere with the movie, and also working to prevent the sound from the movie disturbing the rest of the house. Second, an appropriate sized screen needs to be specified based upon the size of the room and seating locations, and also the seating layout needs to be configured so everyone has a great view. Third, the audio system needs to allow you to clearly hear every word of dialogue and also feel every explosion.

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